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Marine holding Crayon Ready-To-Eat


CRE’s CEO and Co-founder-Frank was working on a project for the High School Color Guard team when he began hearing the recent joke of calling Marines crayon eaters via social media and various memes. This was not a thing when Frank was in the Corps a decade prior. 

So while working on the project for the Color Guard team, Frank was using crayons to finish the details when he jokingly put one in his mouth and started gnawing on it. Not only is this something that almost every Marine does today, as homage to the joke, but Frank quickly realized there were no truly edible crayons on the market. 

Since Frank knew nothing about chocolate, in Aug 2017 he reached out to a former team member Cassandra who had gone to school to be a pastry chef, and asked her if she knew how to make a chocolate crayon but also make it color. After some trials and tribulations in the kitchen, the first Crayon Ready-to-Eat was born. A fully colorable edible Belgian white chocolate crayon. 

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