Deploying Treats to our Military and Supports

Special Liberty Project

Special Liberty Project


The Special Liberty Project fosters and maintains a supportive community focused on nurturing or nations Gold Star Families and Healing Veterans by connection with nature. We provide outdoor, educational experiences which spark true camaraderie and encourage strength, both mentally and physically.


We see our Veterans and their families who sacrificed part of their lives or gave up their lives or loved ones in service for our country, finding a community of support and healing to re-connect and live in joy with citizen life.

Program Overview

The goal of the Special Liberty Project retreats is to help our participants gain connection to each other and nature. Peer support is powerful and deeply needed in our veteran community. SLP Retreats speak directly to the corollary that mental health is an integral part of physical health; that physical movement and interacting in nature lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety, inspire positivity. The benefits of healthy days, healthy food, nights of comradery, sharing, take home tools and recipes, and hands-on “getting in touch” with ourselves encourages a mindset outside of ourselves, to open up to the world around us that is bigger than ourselves, inviting our connection.

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