Deploying Treats to our Military and Supports

Resupply Scuttlebutt

Hello Everyone

We know it's been a while. We have had a couple things happen over the last few months that have been out of our control.

First off Shopify locked us out of a few feature on our account because of our Crayon Dispensers. One of the features was our ability to send emails to our supports. We got that worked out and shouldn't have anymore issues.

Second off we stated that we would be restocking in February. This has been delayed due to the production facility that manufactures our packaging had an equipment malfunction which has delayed our packaging for our CRE. We are still waiting for an update from them this week when our packaging will be done and when the equipment will been fixed. We hope you understand as this is something that is out of our control. Once we have answers we will be sending out and update with more details as we find out.

We appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. See below for todays DD214 discount sitewide.


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