Deploying Treats to our Military and Supports

Meet The Team

Frank Manteau

Frank is a Marine Corps Veteran and proud supporter of our nation's military. He is a 7 ½ year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Frank is a serial entrepreneur starting his first business in 2004 Frank’s Web Design Ended it in 2013 when he moved to California, He started his second business in 2017-Kamikaze Wood Werks. Frank is the visionary and true front man of Crayons Ready- to- Eat & MilTreats Inc. 

Frank has been part of programs such as Bunker Labs and Warrior Rising and often donates his time mentoring and coaching his fellow Veteran Entrepreneurs. Frank has been featured in Military Times, and many other national publications for his work at CRE. 

Frank resides in Lakeside, CA, has two children and loves creating anything he can in his spare time using his woodworking skills, laser engraving or 3D printer.

Cassandra Gordon

Hello all! I am Cassandra Gordon, one of the creators of the Crayons Ready-to-Eat™, also well known as the CRE's™. I am a 24 year old who lives and works here in Lakeside, California. Even though I was born out here in California, I have also been a resident to Phoenix, AZ. When I was little, I started my education in Arizona and then about 13 years ago, I moved back here to Lakeside, CA, finishing my education at El Capitan High School, class of 2013. After graduating high school, I went to Grossmont College, starting my dream career to become a pastry chef. During that time, I had taken basic pastry, bread making, sugar sculpting, and (you guessed it) chocolate classes. 

Even though I never did become a pastry chef,  I had learned so much and had a wonderful time getting to know more about what I love. Since then, I have worked in a few retail jobs here and there, liking them but not getting anywhere. One of those retail jobs is where I had met Frank, who was my store manager at the time. He saw my potential in making chocolate and told me that one day, I will have my own business doing what I love. Sure enough, here we are with our own business! Not only is it something I love to do, but it reminds me of something I love: my family. I come from a family that served and is serving in the military. I am proud of every single one of them and knowing that these will bring them joy, makes me ecstatic and powers me on to follow my dream career. I can't wait to see what the future holds and I am very excited to share this journey not only with my partner Frank, but with all of you who are following us! 

~Cassandra Gordon

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