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Why are Marines Called Crayon Eaters.

Interservice rivalries in the United States military involve stereotypes for each branch. The primary stereotype for the Marine Corps is one of low intelligence. Marines have also been known to do some very questionable and not very smart things over the years. Hell we are the only brach to have PETA protest against them. 

Because if this the title Marine has also been given and acronym.  


The Crayon Eating Marine trope is built around the humorous notion that Marines, owing to this low intelligence, will fail to recognize crayons as inedible and instead eat them. This Started in 2012 with a cartoon meme of and Army handing a Marine a helmet that had glue and crayons in it. This joke really took off between 2015 to 2017. 

They thought by Calling Marines Crayon Eater that this is the the most popular way to insult a Marine's intelligence. But they had no clue what was about to happen. In true Military Fashion Marines embraced this joke. They started eating real crayons on social media, at Balls, and other ceremonies. 

On National Crayon Day in 2018 (March 31st), the Marine Corps posted a video to Facebook showing a Marine opening an MRE—ostensibly a gift from the Army—and finding crayons inside.

Because many Marines and Headquarters Marine Corps embraced this joke as a badge of honor We are Crayon Eaters. But don't let this fool you. We are still Jarheads, Leatherneck, Devil Dogs, and Teufel Hunden.

We had no choice to bring this joke to reality by creating the very first colorable chocolate crayon call Crayons Ready-to-Eat. 


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